Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I just finished reading Sisterchicks in Sombreros. I loved it as I have loved all of the books in this series. This time the women were not only sisterchicks but also actual sisters.
I enjoy "traveling" with the characters around the world - this time they were in Mexico (I was there for a day); other books have taken the women to Paris, Venice, Australia (all places I've been) as well as Finland. The next book is due out in May and they're going to England - yeah another place I loved visiting.


Roz said...

Sounds like a fun book!
I am reading Searching for Fatima at the moment about the Palestinian situation in the 1940s. It's non-fiction and excellent. For book club I am about to start Snowflower and the Secret Fan - I have heard good reviews.

Cynthia said...

Oh. I bet I'd love these books since I really enjoy traveling!!

Cynthia said...

Can you tell me if this is a series you should read in a certain order?

Renee in Garmisch Germany said...

Different characters in each book so you can read them in any order.