Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Do you know what happens if you plug your American Wii into a 220v outlet with only a plug adaptor (not a transformer)? It trips the circuit and you sit for days not knowing if your Wii is ruined or not. You try plugging it into the proper outlet but the power light stays dark.
Then finally four days later you get brave enough to borrow a Wii power source from a friend and while frantically praying - plug it in (to the proper outlet) and PRAISE GOD that you haven't thrown $250 down the toilet.
Or rather this is what happened to James.
And now to ask someone (Mom? Dad?) to assist in ordering a new power source online - such is the life of an almost 15yo in Germany

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Cynthia said...

SO GLAD it wasn't ruined! We know we can't buy certain types of gifts for my aunt since she has the power differences to consider.