Friday, March 28, 2008

A gem....

Last night while waiting for the show to begin, Theresa (9.5yo) was sitting in the front row next to the R. family. Mr. R. was making conversation with Theresa and said to her "Lots of famous people are named Theresa" to which Theresa replied "Yes, saints."


Fr. John L. Sullivan said...

There are thirteen Saints and Blessed named Theresa [in several languages]

Theresa Benedicta of the Cross +1942
Teresa de Gesu +1894
Teresa Verzeri + 1852
Teresa Margaret Redi +1770
Teresa of Avila +1582
Teresa of Portugal +1250
Teresa de los Andes 1900-1920

Teresa Bracco +1944
Teresa Grillo +1844
Teresa Margaret Redi +1770
Teresa della Croce +1910
Teresa Maria Mastena +1951
Teresa of Calcutta +1997
Teresa of John of the Cross +1936

Anonymous said...

It looks like your Theresa will be in good company!

Janette said...

Perfect:>) She can follow anyone of the ones on Father's list- my personal favorites- Teresa of Calcutta and Teresa of John of the Cross- both had a fisty spirit from my recall.