Friday, April 25, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!!!

It's been a busy week although not much exciting.

Monday was our inspection to be sure we weren't bringing any dirt back to the States. The guy was late (heck he only came because I called and reminded him) and was done in less than five minutes.

Tuesday we had to get with a friend to notarize a power of attorney for the closing on the house.

Wednesday was a Cub Scout pack meeting and the locksmith came in the morning to change the locks on our basement storage areas.

Thursday government mattresses were delivered so we don't have to sleep on the floor next week. In addition, I had a Club Beyond Booster club meeting.

In between all that -- I've homeschooled, done regular household chores and have been sorting and labeling cabinets/doors, took down curtains to wash/dry/fold for the packers coming on Monday, emptied Tupperware into ziplocks so they can be wash/dry for the packers, etc etc etc.....

now if the rain would just STOP and be gone


Anonymous said...

You are so organized, Renee! I hope the rain stops for you soon.

Renee in Garmisch Germany said...

If I weren't organized important things would get packed and be unseen for two months.
I took a 30 min nap because I had a headache and I woke up to SUNSHINE....

Michelle said...

Yippee for the sunshine. :) I hope your headache is gone too.

Janette said...

I can hardly believe that it is really time for you to pack up and move!
It was such a short stay and I never got over to play....well I will probably see you in Alabama!

Dorothy said...

Praying for you.

I hate moving! Probably because I did so much of it as a kid in the RAF.

I hope it all goes smoothly.