Saturday, May 10, 2008

Where have I been??

We've been busy trying to finish up the school year prior to heading to France this coming Thursday afternoon.
Last Saturday, Madeleine had the SAT and while she was bubbling in answers, Scott and I leisurely strolled through Munich including brotzeit (Did you know it's acceptable to drink beer at 10am in Germany?). That evening we had dinner at Jonie and Eric's - they even had a day early birthday cake for me (homemade - it was scrumptious).
Sunday was my birthday and I slept in. Then Scott made egg, sausage and bagel sandwiches. I spent some time at the playground with my friend Andria. Then Scott and I went to El Greco for lunch. And that night he made tortellini for dinner. It was a beautiful and relaxing day.
This past week has included school, lunch out with Andria, my last Brownie meeting and helping out at Club Beyond on Friday. And the week ended with us becoming HOMEOWNERS - the closing on our new home was Friday 1pm CDT..... all went well and the realtor has done so much extra for us (going to closing for us, setting up lawncare for us, etc)

and here is a pic of our new home:

Kidding... that's a pic of the govt quarters we lived in the first time we lived in AL (97-99); it's undergoing renovations. Here's our house:


Janette said...

I hope the trip to France went well. Happy Birthday Renee

Renee - goin' to Alabama said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.... we haven't been to France yet - we head out after work on Thursday.

Valerie said...

Lovely new home, Renee. You had me going there for a moment with the first picture. (!)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Renee!

Wizmom said...

Happy Birthday Renee! What a gorgeous home - green with envy here!

Kristine said...

Happy Birthday, Renee!

You gave me a double take at that house, because I've seen the earlier pics of the new place, and I thought, WOW, it's looking rough while it's under construction, lol.

ENJOY traveling Europe, I'm guessing you won't be leaving the country much once you get to Alabama!

Anonymous said...

You almost had me with the house picture! Enjoy your trip to France.

Dorothy said...

Have a great trip to France.