Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

To Scott and I... today we celebrated 20 years as husband and wife. He was able to get out of work in time for a 6:30 dinner at Phuket. It was very good food but not great food. The restaurant is trying to be hip instead of Thai. Veggies in a thai dish should be cut to bite size - not three bites.
Then we went to have coffee and dessert at Atlanta Bread Company. It was interesting to see the different groups of people there - the couple reading, the ladies book group and even a foursome playing cards.
Now on to the next 20 years..... My aunt and uncle just celebrated 50 years on Sunday so we're heading in that direction


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Congrats on reaching this milestone!

Janette said...

Our last anniversary was all about planning the next 20 years. IT is delightful to be with someone who really plans to be with you that long- isn't it.
Congrats....and welcome back to the States- again:>)

7redz said...

Congrats!!N and family

Dorothy said...

Happy Anniversary!