Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Winner!!!

IF you are of the MALE gender, STOP and read NO further. This is women's territory :)

Now that I've gotten rid of the pesky men, I can tell you about today's yearly boob squashing. I was a bit concerned since I was SO unhappy with my new doc and she was the one that put in the referral to the imaging center. BUT when I arrived, my fears disappeared. There was a separate entrance for the Women's Center, the tv was tuned to the Food Channel (where decadent chocolate desserts were being made) and coffee/juices and snacks were available. I was called back ON TIME (such a joy after the almost 90 min wait at the doc's office).

Then I was led to a dressing room where I had a locker for my clothing/purse as well as being given the softest pastel green robe to wear. I proceeded across the hall to a waiting room that was more like a living room (with another tv and more snacks/drinks) but instantly the tech was ready for me.

I (like most other women) ignored the "no deodorant" instruction (and the tech admitted she does NOT expect a woman to not wear deodorant when she has a late afternoon appt). She had baby wipes to wipe off residue and then they had spray Secret in the dressing room so I didn't stink the remainder of the day. It was quick and easy; they even handed me an appt slip for next year so I don't even have to think about it (drats, I do need to make sure my PCM puts in the referral or insurance won't cover it).

And since Starbucks was next door; I had a treat for the drive home.

imagine this robe with no Helly Kitty and it was soft, really soft.


Shushan said...

Spring green robe at the clinic? That' progressive. Not quite as progressive as it would be if the Hello Kitty had been included, but still unusually cheerful.

Hey, at least you don't have to worry about it again for another year.

Susan in Va (SHS)
who is wondering when she missed the instructions to the new SHS blogring thingy you have on here.

Renee said...

The SHS blogring thingy has been around for a while... but I can't remember how I got it. If you ask on the yahoogroup, someone will remember who is the keeper of the ring

Dorothy said...


So glad your boobsquashing went better than mine! Also glad we only have them once every 5 years here!

Renee said...

Well in reality I should have gone annually but I missed two years since I refused to go in Germany.

Cynthia said...

ACK! I always dread the annual appt.