Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Note

Newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder's column "The Heart Healer" ranks last in the most recent reader poll and Peyton is given three weeks to change either her column or her job. As Peyton puzzles over how to attract more readers, the unthinkable happens. PanWorld Flight 848 bursts into flames and crashes into Tampa Bay. A woman brings Peyton a plastic bag that contains a note, almost certainly from the doomed flight, with a simple message:"T-- I love you. All is forgiven. Dad" It's the perfect story to attract readers for Peyton's column. As the unfolding story gains national attention, she combs the passenger list to find victims whose children's names begin with T. She's determined to deliver the note to its proper owner. And if the story saves her column, so much the better. But in her quest to discover the truth, Peyton uncovers lessons about love and forgiveness . . . and about herself. A powerful allegory of God's love and forgiveness.

I LOVED this book - it's hard to say much without giving spoilers... so I won't

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