Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Call Backs

Monday was a very busy day. At 2pm, I drove MJ to work, came home and at 3:15 took Theresa to American Heritage Girls. We left that meeting early so we could pick up MJ from work at 5:30 and head home. I ate dinner (thank heavens for crockpots and ricecookers) and then took Abigail to callbacks for A Christmas Carol. She was asked to read for Belinda Cratchit and then dance/sing for Christmas Present Girls. And now she waits for a phone call.....


RAnn said...

Do you prefer AHG to GS, or is GS not available?

Renee said...

We've been blessed that the girls have always had good leaders but generally speaking GS is quite liberal minded. I first learned about AHG in FLorida, but no troops were near us.
When the school year started, I tried getting Theresa in a troop and got nowhwere. I started with the POC in our bulletin and she never found a slot for Thereas. Then I called the local office and still no troop. So I gave up on them to be perfectly honest.
I went looking on the AHG website and actually found two troops in our area. So we joined one that is no more than 15 min from our house. Theresa is very happy there; the majority of the girls are homeschooled.
So do I prefer one over the other? Yes and no. Girl Scouts was a great organization for Madeleine but AHG is a better fit for Theresa