Thursday, October 16, 2008

More college stuff today

First Madeleine called the Dean of Education at the W to ask some questions. It had been two weeks since her email so she felt it was time to call to be certain her email hadn't been had been lost in the shuffle but Dr Jolly did say that just two days ago she had flagged her email to answer it. Madeleine was able to get the answers to her questions and Dr Jolly encouraged her to apply for the honors program.

Then just before dinner, a student rep from the W called to remind Madeleine about applying for the honors program (MJ needs to finish that application very soon).
Then during dinner, the admission rep from Univ of Montevallo called to remind Madeleine of a reception at the Art Museum next week including the college president, scholarship committee members, etc......
Madeleine is a wanted woman

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