Monday, October 27, 2008

Cooking with the Saints

Saints at the Dinner Table is so much more than a cookbook - the author planned entire meals (including dessert) inspired by the lives of twelve saints as well as a history of each saint, a related prayer and my favorite part - conversation starters. I can see this book being used in a family setting, a dinner club, a moms' group, and even by college students (although they may only use part of the menu due to limited cooking facilities).

Although I can't see myself using an entire planned meal (afterall I do have some picky eaters among my five children), I do anticipate trying some of the main dishes and desserts with my family. And hopefully during the holidays when we're not as busy, we can use the questions for good dinner conversation. The first meal I will be trying is a Sudanese dish in honor of St Josephine Bakhita - Sudanese Ground Beef and Potatoes (cinnamon is used in this dish, mmmmmm!!) followed by a Forgiving Trifle (who doesn't love chocolate, coffee and Heath Bars?).

This book along with other great Catholic products is available from The Catholic Company.


RAnn said...

Do you think your town and mine are close enough for us to do a dinner club? That sounds like a neat use for a book like that!

Did you notice the Catholic Cooking blog on my sidebar? I surfed across it a few days ago. I'm trying to find something nutritious, kids friendly and All Saints related to send for snack with my little one Friday. I can find kid friendly but not nutritious and since they have a Halloween carnival that afternoon, after a hot dog and nacho lunch, feeding them more junk for snack doesn't seem that good.

Cynthia said...

That sounds like a fun book.