Saturday, November 1, 2008

College Visit #4

We (Madeleine, her dad and I) really liked Montevallo. I do wish we could have gone for an indiv visit/tour instead of the preview day though. The campus tour was short and didn't show us as much as I would have liked to have seen - we saw one dorm (but not the Honor's dorm floor) and the Student Union bldg...... we were not shown the cafeteria, the library, etc..... the preview day began in the basketball gym but we never got a tour of what else was in the facility.

We got good info from the Ed Dept meeting. Madeleine is even considering taking the Elem Ed/ Special Ed combination degree program...... the housing session was fine but I discovered there are parents out there that are way more protective than I am (or didn't bother to look at the website)... and we really really liked the session about the honors program. MJ will be invited to the program since she has the ACT score needed..... she will also be applying for a MAPS scholarship (interviews in January).....

I think Madeleine has it narrowed down now to UM, the W and Benedictine (in KS, which we are visiting this week).


Janette said...

The Elem Ed/ SPED is a wonderful way to go. THe only time you can cram it in is undergrad. If you wait the SPED is about 15 more hours!
Don't forget to factor in the visits home. There is nothing worse than being stuck on campus for Thanksgiving.That is where DS went though all of his college money- plane rides home.

Renee said...

Surprisingly it's only 9 more credits and she'll have space in her schedule since she has one math and all of her science completed through AP and dual-enrollment.
Yes, KS does have the disadvantage of needing plane tickets for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break - definitely an additional expense