Friday, November 7, 2008

Murphy's Law Day (written on Thursday)

If it could go wrong today, it did go wrong today. It all started with the toilet making a gurgling bubbling popping noise. Then after emailing the warranty folks, two of the toilets didn’t flush properly. So then we sent a more urgent warranty email request for help. Got a response that the plumber had been called and should be there within a few hours and in the meantime they were sending an assistant builder to release the septic pressure valve in the front of the house.

So Madeleine and I continue to pack for our trip to KS. The builder arrives and opens the valve so that sewage won’t backup into the house and says the plumber will be there by noon. Then prior to our leaving for the airport, he says the sand filtration folks are coming instead.

On the way to the airport, I run over something in the road that I didn’t see in front of the car in front of me at the stop light (sure hope I don’t come home on Sat to flat tires). Then at the airport, I have someone try to take my parking place as I am backing up (with my turn indicator on) to get the proper angle.

Then we get to Memphis and go to have lunch prior to our connecting flight. Madeleine’s packet of yellow mustard splatters on her shirt, her scarf and her jeans. Then at the KC airport, MJ wasn’t careful with the door of the admissions office’s van and it slams into the car next to us leaving a foot long scratch and even small denting. She beckons the driver (he was on the other side of the car) and shows him what happened. She must have looked quite pitiful because he said not to worry about it.

And here I sit in a monastery guest house on a cold and windy night. I called Scott to check on the plumbing situation and it was still not fixed at 7:15PM…… that’s almost 12 hours since our initial request for repairs. So much for Jeff Benton warranty – their service stinks. They knew I was getting on a plane, they knew to call Scott at work yet they continually seemed to drop the ball on who needed to fix it – plumbing, sand filtration system, electrical, county water folks…… Can I cry now??? 

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Cynthia said...

Ack.. when it rains it pours.. why is that?