Thursday, November 13, 2008

Veteran's Day

We had a wonderful family day on Veteran's Day; it was one of the rare days that both Madeleine and Scott had off from work. We are blessed to have two area zoos that were giving a gift to the military - free admission. Not just for the service member, but for our entire family. We were going to head to Nashville (a few miles closer) but there was 80% chance of rain in the forecast so we headed to the Birmingham Zoo instead (only 20% chance of rain). We spent a pleasant three hours at the zoo with all five kids (from 17yo down to 8yo) and we all had a very nice time. Then we stopped for a late lunch at Full Moon BBQ before heading home so Abigail could go to rehearsal.
Thank you for the gift Birmingham Zoo


Cynthia said...

How nice of them to offer military families free entrance! Glad you were able to go enjoy it.

Renee said...

It was very nice and especially generous as it costs our family quite a bit for such a day trip. And the Botanical Gardens in town has offered 50% off on a ticket for the drive-thru of their Galaxy of Lights - I am looking forward to that with the family as well