Tuesday, January 20, 2009

House of Dark Shadows

When I opened this book I wasn’t sure what to think of it. The back cover made me think it would be something in the style of Frank Peretti - Christian horror. Not being a horror fan, I’ve never read Peretti’s books so I cannot say how they compare. Both the front and back cover illustrations led one to believe the book was written for older teens but after reading it I saw it as more for the middle school set.
The book started as many books do, a child is forced to move against their will from the exciting big city to the small town. The plot was predictable - love is found, a new life started then this book took a turn. I loved the use of the old house; the scene of a murder becoming the scene for fantastical adventures. I found the whole premise of the house transporting the teens to different places a bit repetitive at times.
I found that the story progressed quickly but at some points was predictable. The ending was infuriating due to its somewhat choppy ending. I know it’s a series and I’ll have to read the sequel but I would have preferred some amount of resolution or conclusion.

By Guest Blogger: Madeleine

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