Friday, February 20, 2009

The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh

I give this book 1/2 star because it's boring. It's about a girl, eww. I did not like it and I do not recommend this book for boys.

I do not like this book at all.

If I could be a character in this book, I would be not want to be one because I said before I don't like this book.

My favorite character in this book is nobody because I don't like anybody in this book and will never ever like anyone in this book.

Review by John 9 yrs old (He did not like this book)


Anonymous said...

Oh really? I couldn't tell that he didn't like it. LOL! I love how he tells it like it is. No mincing words for that boy!

Renee said...

My children are not good at "lying"; they do tell it like it is. I wonder what he would have written if it were not a "fill-in" book review form.

RAnn said...

Are you SURE he didn't like it?

Renee said...

ROFL... next we're reading Sign of the Beaver; maybe he'll like that since it's a "boy" book