Friday, March 6, 2009

The College Search continues.......or rather begins for James

Madeleine has not even yet signed up for classes for Fall 2009 and James is already being bombarded with mailings from top notch colleges (Rice, Colgate, Vanderbilt, etc)as a sophomore with one PSAT under his belt. Last week he got an invitation to a reception sponsored by the University of Alabama at the Westin. He thought for a moment and then decided he would go to the reception; so last night father and son attended their first college event. Turns out this reception was very very much focused on academics and the honors program at Alabama (hey, a big football school needs smart folks too). The school is definitely working on early recruitment as each student in attendance was given a tshirt, a CD about the university and written materials.
Sigh..... James is going to be more challenging than Madeleine to find scholarships because he wants to be an engineer which is a much more competitive field than elementary education. BUT if he puts his mind to it, it looks like he has a good shot at a full tuition scholarship at Bama.


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it's time for THAT already, but I guess it's never too early to get started. I'm excited for James, as I'm sure you and Scott are. Oh but they grow up too too quickly.
Mary in Texas

Dorothy said...

Renee, it sounds like you have some very bright students in your family!