Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning has begun!!

I know it's not yet spring but it is Lent so it's a good time for a thorough housecleaning. I was inspired by my friend Michelle (aka Aloha1964) to tackle the unloved chored.
Today I spring cleaned the Master Bedroom. I removed all the stuff from the tops of dressers, nighttables and the desk and dusted. I also dusted all the items before returning them to their proper place. I vacuumed blinds, window sills, baseboards, tops of the door frames, under the bed, behind the nighttables & dressers, as well as the floor and rug. I decluttered my dresser top and desk (inside and out). The only thing left to do is the closet but I'll save that for another day since it's got eight months of accumulated stuff as well as a few bags that need to go to the thrift shop.


Paula said...

Ah, you're inspiring place could really use some spring cleaning!

Renee said...

And today I finished the closet and took 6 bags of stuff to the thrift shop