Monday, April 13, 2009

Mommy Brag

Only this time I'm bragging about myself. When we lived in Alabama the first time, I got certified in Elementary and Special Education. My certification lapsed prior to knowing we were moving back to Alabama so last month I took Workkeys - the test required to renew my lapsed Special Ed certification.

I now know thanks to this test that:
1. I can set up and solve complex problems requiring extensive calculations and several conversions between systems of measurement. (sounds easier than Calculus in which I got an A)
2. I can also apply concepts from densely detailed passages, such as excerpts from complex regulatory and legal documents, to new situations. (guess I should have been a lawyer instead of marrying one)
3. And I can write clear messages with complete sentences. (Phew, glad I learned something in Comp 101).


Cynthia said...

LOL! Glad to know that!

7redz said...

Awesome work!

Renee said...

What's really funny now is that although I can read complicated passages, the folks at the teacher certification office can't read a simple application.
My certificate arrived today and they gave me Spec Ed certification for a Bachelor's degree; while my Special Ed work was a Master's degree.
I've left a message and hopefully that will be corrected ASAP