Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Have I Been Doing???

Lots and nothing at the same time.
On Saturday I took the girls to see Princess and the Pea and it was hysterical. It was strange having Abigail sitting with us since she's usually in shows we see. We went to church that evening since Scott was leaving in the wee hours of Sunday and had Chinese buffet for dinner.

Sunday was a day of running. I took Theresa to youth group while James and Abigail went for a visit to the assisted living facility (MJ skipped since she has a cold). When they returned, Abigail stuck around for junior high school group, Madeleine was already on her way taking John to Cub Scouts and I got to go relax at home for a bit. Then it was back out again to get Abigail from youth group. Thankfully that night Madeleine and James could take themselves to high school youth group.

Monday Theresa had American Heritage Girls; we spent the first hour of the meeting outside at the picic table (thankfully it was a gorgeous day) because for some reason the church secretary was not there and all was locked. That night I dropped James off for an early Scout meeting and went across the street to visit with Sabrina. I had a GREAT time chatting with her and need to find more opportunities to get together with ladies from Moms' Ministry.

Tuesday was commissary day; since it wasn't the first of the month and I was there when it opened, it wasn't crowded. That afternoon Theresa and I worked on the setup for the church yardsale. We worked for about 2.5 hrs. That night was Confirmation but I was wiped out and the kids were missing dad so I crashed at home and watched American Idol with my little ones.

Wednesday was just an ordinary morning but then I got to go out to lunch with my favorite neighbor Betty. We tried Newks; it was delicious. My cobb salad was enormous and quite tastey. Then Theresa and I loaded up donations from Betty into my van and went back to yardsale setup; we were there until dinner time (which they provided). I collapsed again that night and again watched Idol with my little ones.

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