Monday, May 18, 2009

The Man's Book

I received my copy of The Man's Book compliments of Hachette Book Group. I will be giving this book to my husband for Father's Day and I think he will enjoy it, especially as bathroom reading which is where most men do the majority of their reading; isn't it?

The Man's Book consists of eleven chapters ranging from topics such as health to outdoors to smoking (one that I wish had not even been included since there is nothing good about smoking of any kind). Each chapter begins with quotes from famous men such as Ben Franklin and Ian Fleming and is followed by a few paragraphs to maybe two pages at most about a variety of topics. There is serious information such as a BMI chart, practical information such as how to tye a bow tie and entertaining such as how to make a spud gun.
So if you're looking for a gift for your husband or dad this year, I recommend this book.

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