Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Plans

Last summer (which involved moving from Germany to AL) was probably our last quiet summer. This summer is busy, busy, busy.

Madeleine graduated on Wed, her graduation party is tomorrow and she's babysitting almost full-time all summer long as well as going to college orientation next month at MUW.

James is being sent by his Boy Scout Troop to National Youth Leadership Training next week. Then it's three weeks of the Michael P. Anderson Summer Outreach Program which is sponsored by NASA in conjunction with Alabama A&M. It's a three-week non-residential summer enrichment program for high school students with strong interest in mathematics and engineering. Students will explore the many different fields of engineering through activities, competitions and field trips. And the best part yet - it's free! Then it's a week of Boy Scout summer camp and in between making some money mowing lawns.

Abigail has rehearsals all summer long in preparation for her role as a Royal Dancer in the King and I. John has a week of Cub Scout camp and Theresa is mostly going to chill. John and Theresa will also be attending VBS for a week with Abigail and I volunteering. And in between all that business, we have friends coming to visit from PA. I'm tired already and summer has barely begun


Cynthia said...

WOW! I can't imagine being any busier than a transatlantic move (LOL)!

Cindy said...

Sounds like you and your family are going to have a fun but busy summer, Renee. Try to find a little time to just soak up some of that Alabama sun, read and just relax!

Renee said...

Today we went to the Botanical Gardens in the morning and the pool in the afternoon