Friday, June 12, 2009

Enemies & Allies

Told as a sort of post-origins story, Enemies & Allies tells a story of the first encounters between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, all within an early Cold War setting. Both are still early in their careers, and thus not yet firmly established in their roles, with many reluctant to accept them, including each other. However, the two are brought together and forced into a reluctant alliance by Lex Luthor, who enacts plans in order to bring about nuclear war and discredit his adversary, Superman. This all ties into various historical events, including Sputnik and the Roswell Incident.

The early Cold War setting is likely intended to contrast with the constant sense of dread found in Watchmen and it works well. The overall storyline is compelling, particularly the methods by which the two heroes are brought together. The transition from comic book to novel is nearly seamless; the book feels like a novel rather than a narrated comic book though a few instances feel awkward. Additionally, the story focuses a bit too much on Superman, which is unfortunate since he is the less complex character. Further, Luthor functions as a one-sided villain, though this weakness is drawn from his original source. In the end, this is a good read, particularly for those who are not previous fans of the comics.

Review written by James 16 years old

Thanks to Bostick Communications for providing this book for reading and reviewing.


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