Sunday, July 5, 2009

In My Heart

Ursula Hanks was nervous when her parents asked to move into her home but this resulted in the writing of a moving memoir that looks at the importance of family and providing hope for those in the same situation.

In My Heart is a story of a family's struggles and joys across multiple generations and nations - interwoven with Hanks' journey of caring for her elderly parents including her mother's progressive dementia. At times, the flashbacks were awkward but it could just be me; I prefer a story told in chronological order.

While not an easy read, it was encouraging to read of Hanks' journey in caring for her elderly parents. She made the best of the situation and was blessed to have a loving husband by her side throughout the experience. It was touching to see how her children and grandchildren stepped up to the plate to visit Oma when she was unaware of their place in her life.

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