Monday, July 20, 2009

Some days you hit it lucky

Ever have a time when you hem and haw about something the kids want to do but then you say 'what the heck" and in the car you go? Well we had that happen today with the US Space and Rocket Center. So here we are ready to spend a few quiet hours at the Space Center riding rides and just relaxing since it wasn't very hot for swimming.
As we approach the Space Center I see NASA buses leaving a parking lot that is normally locked and deserted. Then it hits me - today is the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. It was jam packed BUT the kids were able to do special activities today - launch rockets, make candy rockets, etc. Plus John ascended the Mars Climbing Wall (his favorite) while Abigail and Theresa launched upward on the Space Shot.
They each collected a bag of goodies that will come in handy as we are planning to study space this year. John discovered a real life reason for needing to know Roman numerals (Theresa was able to give him the answer) and we ran into friends since the entire employee population of the Marshall Space Flight Center were invited guests at the Space Center.

This is a pic of John as he was attempting to reach the top on the toughest section of the climbing wall. It's blurry because he was on his way down after slipping soooo close to the top.


7redz said...

Good for you guys!! They have all grown so much... but Theresa especially looks here like she is maturing into a really beautiful young lady!

Josh said...

What a great day to visit NASA! You couldn't have planned it any better if you had tried!