Monday, July 6, 2009

Viva Cisco

This review was written by my 10 year old daughter Theresa after reading Book One - Am I Famous Yet? in Viva Cisco

In the first story, Cisco is a parrot who lives in Topopootl. Cisco is the Answer Man at the Topopootl Public Library but he wants to become famous. Cisco tries to be a flamenco dancer, a wrestler, and to fly with the eagles but he fails at all of them.
Then his friends say he's great at words and Cisco becomes famous from being Word Man but his friends regret telling him how good he is with words because they feel they have created a 'monster'.
I didn't like the book because all the animals were nice to each other including those that would normally be enemies. I did like the book because of the big words.

My comments:
This book is written at a reading level of 10-13 yrs old and my daughter is 10 yrs old; so that may be why she took so long to even get through the first story. I think she was a bit put off by a book of almost 250 pages. One thing I noticed was that there were many Spanish words and she had to find me to ask what they meant; footnotes or a glossary would have been helpful. Time will tell if she reads the remaining 200 pages or passes the book along to her younger brother.

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