Sunday, August 2, 2009

Things Left Unspoken

Jo-Lynn is returning home to escape her marriage that has gone flat with the excuse of being needed to restore a family home. Uncle Jim has died, Aunt Stella is moving in with her daughter and a developer wants to turn the home into a museum; only Jo-Lynn can do justice to the restoration. Along the way the home is vandalized in attempts to scare away Jo-Lynn. What secrets does the house hold? Will they destroy the family? You'll need to read to the end for all the answers.

Things Left Unspoken grabbed my interest and was hard to put down at times. It's a story of complex imperfect family relationships that are believeable. The main characters are likeable even those that have made mistakes in their past. At times the flashbacks were a bit confusing but not enough to make me give up on the story. I've read a few of the Potluck Club series (of which Everson is a co-author) and Things Left Unspoken is deeper and more intense; I hope that Everson will continue to write more books of this type.

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