Monday, September 21, 2009

My Menu for the Week (and then some)

I am posting this for my dear friend Krissy. We have a hectic week coming up so that has driven many of my meal choices.

Monday - spaghetti and sausage with garlic bread. I will be cooking this meal but leaving leftovers for dh as I leave at 6pm to bring Abigail and Jacob to Players while James scoots off at 6:30 for Scouts.

Tuesday - LEFTOVERS..... we have two soups from late last week that need to be eaten so I am declaring leftovers. Abigail, Theresa and I need to leave about 5:30 for pics and Alice rehearsal.

Wednesday - Pancakes & Sausage (cooked by James). I will be with Abigail at the Nano filming until 6pm, James will be covering for Abigail's sitting job 3:30-4:30.... so this was an easy and quick meal James can prepare for he, John and Theresa. Abigail and I will cook for ourselves when we get home. Scott will be in Kentucky again for the dentist (don't you love govt managed healthcare?)

Thursday - Red Beans and Rice w/Kielbasa (cooked by James). Again Abigail has Nano filming from 3-6pm so Theresa will come with us as we will need to go directly (after driving through fast food) to Alice rehearsals. So the boys will enjoy beans and sausage.

Friday - Tuna Casserole cooked by me because (dare I say it aloud) there is nothing on the calendar. Mmmmmm...mmmmm. This is one of my favorites w/potato chips on top.

Saturday - Thai Chicken Stir Fry (cooked by Scott). Not sure if James or Abigail will be eating with us since they both have babysitting jobs that night.

Sunday - Double Dumpling Soup (a family favorite) - no youth group because of Big Spring Jam so I will be home to cook and all will be home to eat.

Monday - BBQ Crockpot Chicken sandwiches It will be a busy day. Theresa has AHG until 5:30pm, Abigail leaves for Players at 6pm (I think Holly will be driving that night), James leaves for Scouts at 6:30 and John is supposed to have a pack meeting at 6:30 but it's doubtful Scott will be home in time and I won't be able to take him as I won't leave Theresa home alone at night and I'm not willing to take her out an extra night now that Alice rehearsals will be going until 9pm


Dorothy said...

Big Spring Jam in Sept? I'm trying to imagine....

Renee said...

I thought the same thing last year Dorothy. It's called Big Spring Jam because it's held at Big Spring Park :)

7redz said...

I need your double dumpling recipe. I still use recipes you shared with me in Garmisch. Crock pot Beef Stragnoff is a family favorite!

Renee said...

I tried sending it through FB.... let me know if it came through or not... or you can go to my FB page and look through my notes - I posted it there.