Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Birthdays

Somehow I never posted about birthdays. Theresa turned eleven on 16 August. She had a great day of youth group (complete with inflatables), chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and a favorite meal - steaks. It was a bit sad since Madeleine was not there but she did talk to her on Skype. She got lots of great gifts like a new Build-A-Bear w/outfit, DS game, Littlest Pet Shop stickers for her wall, CDs, a red Corvette, etc.
And now tomorrow Madeleine will be turning 18 years old (yikes, that can't be - it seems like just yesterday she was a newborn in my arms).

We celebrated her birthday on Sunday while she was home for the holiday weekend. We had plans to go to a Huntsville Stars baseball game but the weather didn't cooperate. So instead we headed to Buca Di Beppo just 90 minutes away in Tennessee for some delicious Italian food. Sure wish I'd had the camera with us since Madeleine had a lit candelabra brought out when she was given her complimentary birthday cake (aka a large cupcake) We then meandered through the mall shopping for bargains. Madeleine got a new outfit with birthday money, Abigail got purple skinny jeans, Theresa got a Jonas Brothers shirt, John bought a Webelos shirt for his tiger Johnny and James got sneakers. I got chocolate covered coffee beans.


janie said...

I am amazed that one of mine just turned 40! I cannot believe it, as it seems just yesterday, he was a babe in my arms!

Cherish every day!

Cynthia said...

I never posted our summer birthdays either.. I really should do that even though we're well into fall now.

Renee said...

Cynthia, it is still summer. The autumn equinox isn't until Tues of next week :)