Sunday, September 13, 2009

Super Sunday

Today has been a busy but wonderful day. We went to 8:30am Mass. Then in the early afternoon, James and I (along with Theresa) headed with the high school youth group to visit the residents at an assisted living facility. James and Lucy were the only teens to attend this month so they each dealt blackjack for a table of serious card players. James had the quiet types - Willy, his wife and another gentleman. Lucy had the table of chatty women; Theresa and I sat with them chatting and assisting as needed. Theresa and I also visited with a few women that were working on a puzzle; Theresa amazed them by easily placing a piece of the puzzle.
This ministry went through some changes last year. They tried going to three different facilities with three teams of teens (games, crafts and music) rotating who visited where each month. It was quickly realized we didn't have enough teens to have three teams and the scheduling with two of the facilities was not working. So it went back to just visiting our one facility and changing up what we did for fun (blackjack, bingo, crafts, music). I realized today that we 'lost' at least three members of this ministry - they headed off to college. I am praying we can find some more able and willing teens to spend some time once a month with the residents. Their presence is such a gift to these men and women.

After visiting there for about 1.5 hrs, we then headed to Restoration Church for their Better Late than Never Back-to-School Bash. They had multiple inflatables including a giant slip-n-slide and water slide plus an obstacle course and a few others as well as some fantastic face painters (Theresa loves her butterfly mask and doesn't want to wash it off tonight). They also had free food - lemonade, pizza, popsicles; all the things Theresa loves best. I was also able to visit with my friend and neighbor Betty; we were both invited to the event by another friend and neighbor Holly.

From there it was home for dinner although I wasn't very hungry. Then I was supposed to head to high school youth group but I was exhausted so I sent the teens on their way (thankful that James has a driver's license) and am going to relax and finish my book while dh watches a football game.


Cynthia said...

Sounds like a FULL day! We're looking forward to our 2nd dd getting her license next week.

Renee said...

It's nice having a spare driver in the house esp since dh is rarely home to help with driving to evening events