Monday, October 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Tuesday - I'm actually cooking two meals; one for my family and one for my friend/neighbor that recently had a baby. Erin and family will be eating Shepherd's Chili while my family will be having Rotini with Roasted Tomatoes and Polish Sausage

Wednesday - We're going to have Pecan Crusted Chicken. The last time I made this I ended up with two children unexpectedly home for dinner so dh and I never got to enjoy it (we went out instead) but we will have it this time.

Thursday - a busy night since John has gymnastics until 4:30, Abigail and Theresa leave for theater at 5:30 and I need to be at church by 6pm (but dh is rarely home before 6pm).... so it will be Chicken Tacos (cooked in the crockpot)

Friday - the girls and I need to be at the theater at 5:30 so it's going to be quick and easy Fish Sticks and Fries

Saturday - the girls and I will be going to the Cast/Crew Party after Alice in Wonderland. If the boys are home with Scott (not sure yet if he's going camping with John or TDY to CO), then they'll have Kielbasi with Red Beans and Rice

Sunday - teens will be eating dinner at youth group. Dh, myself and two younger kids will have Currywurst and French Fries
Oops, I forgot to look carefully at the calendar. The girls and I will be at theater until past 7pm, James will eat at youth group so it will only be dh and John at home for dinner. Maybe they'll make Currywurst and Fries - maybe they won't.

Monday - I'm going to make Turkey Pot Pie

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