Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Last Wednesday, Theresa and I went with our homeschool group to the pumpkin patch (well really it's a lot more than pumpkins at Tate Farms - over 5000 acres of land). This is Theresa on the tractor hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

Along the way we passed cotton fields waiting to be harvested. I believe Madison County raises more cotton than any other in Alabama.

This John Deere was harvesting soy beans. The most common use of soybeans in the US is for oil. My guess was soy sauce - guess living in Korea for 2 yrs will give one that impression.

After the pumpkin gathering (I realized I don't have a pic of Theresa with her pumpkin) the kids were able to play. Here is Theresa in the corn crib.

Then we treated ourselves to some fair food - fried bread dough. Mmmmm,mmmmmmm.

As we were leaving, Theresa also checked out the tractors and firetruck.

Some facts we learned: Farmer Tate has Farmer Bill from up the road bring in 1 beehive for every acre of pumpkins planted. The pumpkin plant produces both a male and female flower. The flower must be pollinated 15 times to produce a pumpkin. Then Farmer Bill takes his hives home and he sells fresh local honey.

Yesterday, Daddy and Theresa carved the pumpkin and then the girls roasted pumpkin seeds.


Cynthia said...

FUN field trip!

My Heart Beats and I sigh said...

man...i can only imagine what that honey must taste like! suppose there might be a hint of pumpkin?

Renee said...

I really wish I had bought some of the honey; I'll plan to do so next year. I was thinking the same about a hint of pumpkin