Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chattanooga here we come......time for a field trip

Scott says the last time we went to the aquarium was in the fall of 1997 when we lived in Alabama the first time. So James and Abigail have been there before although they were quite young and this was a first visit for Theresa and John. We ended up getting a year family membership since it was cheaper than buying our six tickets. Now we can go again another time in the next year even bringing Madeleine since they include children 18 yrs and younger. My favorite exhibit was the seahorse but as usually happens I get so caught up in observing the critters, I forget to take pics.
I took quite a few pics of the kids at the Tennessee Aquarium so here are just a few.
Here is John inside a fish tank.

And my girls - Theresa and Abigail

James is quietly observing the fish and relaxing.

I locked them all up in the shark cage but the aquarium wouldn't lower it into the tank.

After visiting the aquarium we had Thai for lunch and then headed to the Chattanooga Zoo since our Nashville Zoo membership would get us in free. It's a very small zoo that appears to be trying to grown and define itself. Not a zoo I would make a special trip for but if have free admission and a spare hour, then I would stop by.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Looks like a great field trip. I do the same thing when we go to Zoos or aquariums.

Cynthia said...

We love visiting aquariums!

Dorothy said...

"I locked them all up in the shark cage but the aquarium wouldn't lower it into the tank."

Now THAT would have been a field trip to remember!

Renee said...

Swimming with the sharks would certainly be something to remember.