Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday !!!!

Saturday was a busy day in our house. Abigail's Confirmation class (well in reality only 20% of them) had a service project morning. I was with the group working at the Manna House; those teens were kept busy for 2+ hrs sorting and packing food. Meanwhile Theresa was at college - yes my 11 year old was at a Girls Science and Engineering day at UAH. She had a great time learning about science. She's disappointed that this is the only year she can attend. It's the first year of the program but it's for 3rd-5th graders so next year she's too old.
Saturday ended with dinner at Logan's Roadhouse to celebrate Scott's birthday and then back to the house for Bits of Brickle Birthday Pie.

World Series Champs!!


Dorothy said...

It looks like Scott had a nice birthday!

Renee said...

It was a nice day.... although dinner was a bit disappointing. We got there early enough for early bird specials but his steak and fries were not hot; thankfully his ribs were hot.