Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas 2009 Letter

Since last Christmas Madeleine graduated high school and spent the summer as a nanny for two young girls in our neighborhood. She then ventured off to Mississippi University for Women in their Honors Program where she earned a 4.0 her first semester. In addition to classes she is involved in the Hearin Leadership program and is a member of the Troubadours.

James spent 6 months as the Asst Senior Patrol Leader of his Boy Scout troop and is soon to end his 7 month stint as Senior Patrol Leader. In addition, he attended a summer engineering program at Alabama A&M, got his driver’s license and stays busy with school, Scouts and church activities. He’s looking at Mississippi State and Auburn for college to study Civil Engineering.

Abigail has been in a number of shows since last Christmas – Monster in the Closet, The King and I, and Alice in Wonderland. In addition she is a regular teen writer for the Huntsville Times and won the 11am show on 10 December at the American Idol Experience at Disney.

Theresa made her debut on stage in Alice this fall as a Heart Child and a Cook’s Assistant – another child has caught the theater bug. She also stays busy with American Heritage Girls, art lessons and youth group.

John stated a new sport this year – he’s taking gymnastics lessons and loves hanging on the rings and jumping on the springboard. John is in Webelos I and enjoys spending den meetings with his favorite leader – DAD.

Scott works long hours – rarely home in time for 6pm dinner. Renee is involved with Moms’ Ministry at church as well as volunteering with AHG and theater.

Merry Christmas to all!!!


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Busy year for your family. Thanks for sharing the update. Merry Christmas.

Renee said...

De'Etta, is there every an UNbusy year with kids? I figure by the time I'm not busy with lots of kids, I'll be busy having fun with grandkids