Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

December 24th started with a scrumptious breakfast cooked by my favorite guy - Scott. He made hash and eggs to order for the entire family. Then five of us (minus Scott and John) played Apples to Apples (love this game). Theresa and Madeleine were neck and neck but Theresa won. Scott baked chocolate chip cookies and I baked the pecan pie. We decided to start a new tradition: Chik-Fil-A milkshakes in the afternoon. Then it was a delicious dinner of lasagna, salad and rolls. Christmas Eve we played Quiddler (except for John that doesn't like it) - Abigail snuck ahead to win (I did help by making sure to not let Scott get a bonus in the final round).

Christmas morning we were awoken at 6:15am by excited children - heck, even John and Abigail were awake and ready for the day. Kids opened their stockings and had a light breakfast. Then it was off to Christmas Mass - the most important part of Christmas. Upon returning we put the french toast in the oven and opened gifts. All enjoyed what they received - I didn't take pics of every gift opening (heck I took none because I just wanted to watch). We had a few gift mishaps. The Wii Fit Plus is defective :( which was a big bummer esp for Theresa. Amazon is sending a new one asap and it should arrive by Tuesday. One of our dvds was still in the theft-resistant case which explains why we got stopped leaving Walmart that day but it doesn't explain why they let us leave without realizing their error. Sheesh.

We had lunch/brunch of french toast and sausages. Then we watched UP - it was so sad and happy and sad and happy (note: have tissues handy). Soon it was time to make the side dishes to go with the ham - got the pineapple in the oven first followed shortly thereafter by the potatoes. I realized I had no room (even with 2 ovens) to make the veggies so I'll make those to go with leftovers tomorrow. My brother had perfect timing with a phone call - he called just moments after the side dishes went in giving us plenty of time to chat. Dinner was wonderful. While the pie baked and cooled, we watched Monsters vs Aliens (great movie). Then I prepared the veggies and dip for tomorrow (but realized I had no water chestnuts so I'll have to buy those in the morning and add them).

Soon it will be bedtime..... and then multiple days of business (baptism and party on Sat, John's bday and movies on Sunday, Madeleine and James' wisdom teeth pulled on Monday, breath on Tuesday and Aquarium on Wednesday.


Cynthia said...

Merry Christmas. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.

Dorothy said...

It must be great to have the whole family together again!

Renee said...

Except for when they are bickering, it is great