Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Christmas Dog

In The Christmas Dog, Betty Kowalski is not looking forward to Christmas at all. Disgruntled over her neighbor’s home “improvements” which involve an old pink toilet parked in his yard, Betty is sadly lacking in the good cheer department. And when a scruffy mutt keeps coming to her door, Betty gets fed up. Add to this a runaway granddaughter, and Betty feels like she’s up to her ears in troubles. But sometimes it’s the difficulties that bring the biggest rewards.

My Review: I'm not a dog person so I was uncertain if I would enjoy The Christmas Dog; I am happy to report this book was enjoyable. Betty is alone and becoming a grumpy ole woman until three unexpected gifts come into her life: a new neighbor, an unexpected guest and a stray dog. I enjoyed the way that Melody Carlson brought all the characters into the plot and connected their lives. A delightful read even outside of the Christmas season.

The Christmas Dog

Thank you to Donna Hausler of the Baker Publishing Group for providing me with a complimentary copy of The Christmas Dog to read and review.

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