Friday, January 29, 2010


Life has been busy since I last posted on Sunday. That afternoon (and into the night) were callbacks for Wizard of Oz. Theresa was cast as a Flower and Abigail read for Dorothy but alas she wasn't cast. Abigail and I will be sewing during rehearsals and working security during the entire run of the show.
Monday was an American Heritage Girls meeting; we went on a field trip to the Huntsville Flight Center so the girls could fulfill some requirements for the Aviation badge.

Tuesday night Abigail and I were at the set shop painting stairs and flats for Beauty and the Beast. Abigail somehow gets paint all over herself. We both learned to tape which was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Wednesday I started doing records reviews for St Peter's Academy. That night was the first rehearsal for Inherit the Wind. I think this is Abigail's toughest scene - she needs to scream in terror after her line (in which she is terrified) and then flee the stage.

Thursday records reviews continued; I really enjoy meeting with families and assisting our school. Last night was Moms' Ministry; I LOVE my moms. I am so blessed to be a part of a group of women so warm and loving and open to sharing their lives. Thanks moms.

We had great plans today; co-op in the morning and then a homeschool moms' night out tonight but this is what happened instead.


Dorothy said...

I'm guessing snow in Alabama is unusual!

How wonderful to be blessed with a great group of Moms!

Renee said...

We usually get a dusting once a year... but this year we had it in December and multiple times in January