Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cause When You're Fifteen

On Wednesday Abigail (the poor deprived middle child) turned 15 years old. Our kids may request their favorite meal and hers is Gumbo (which requires Chef Dad) so that will be prepared on Saturday. For Christmas Abigail got a spring form pan and cheesecake cookbook so she picked out a Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake since she doesn't care for regular cakes. She was going to help bake but didn't feel well on Monday so I made my very first cheesecake and I must say --- it's delicious.

Abigail's godmother lives in Manila but went on holiday to Thailand and sent her this wonderful elephant t-shirt for her birthday.

Abigail had asked for a new MP3 player and it was ordered but alas didn't arrive on time; this is the case for it :)

Earlier in the day I took Abigail to take the test for her Learner's Permit; she passed that with flying colors. But the examiner did recommend getting her eyes checked so Abigail may be sporting glasses in a few weeks


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Happy Birthday to Abigail. I love the elephant t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

She'll look beautiful in glasses. Happy birthday and happy driving. We'll be starting that here before too long. : (