Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Laura Ingalls

Last night at nearly 9pm a friend caught Abigail on Facebook and asked if she was available today to volunteer at EarlyWorks Children's Museum, Abigail would be in costume and do a presentation as Laura Ingalls. Our morning was open so I agreed to take Abigail to cover for Molly who wasn't feeling well.

Once we arrived we learned the details. Two schools worth of 2nd graders would all assemble and the first person interpreters would be introduced by Uncle Sam, then Teddy (played by Gary Knight - a well known actor in our community) and Edith Roosevelt would each speak to the entire group, and finally the students would break into 8 groups and rotate through the stations.

The costumed historical interpreters were a mixed group of individuals from varied times in history - they included an immigrant, Rosa Parks, Mrs Francis Scott Key (local Catholic homeschoolers would recognize her as grandmother of the Krzyminski family), WWII Navajo (didn't catch his name), Davy Crockett, Statue of Liberty, Betsy Ross, and Laura Ingalls. Each told their story and had time to answer questions. Thankfully Abigail has an amazing memory because she received the script at 9pm and was 'on' at 10:30am.

Abigail loved it so much she is going to volunteer again on Friday so that Molly can continue to rest and recuperate since she is the lead in The Magic of Beauty and the Beast produced by Fantasy Playhouse. Thanks Molly for thinking of Abigail and introducing us to this wonderful volunteer opportunity.


Paula said...

Laura Ingalls would be a really fun figure to portray. What a wonderful opportunity for Abigail.

Anonymous said...

What a fun thing to do! I'm glad that Abigail could step in and do this at the last minute.

Dorothy said...

Abigail has obviously found her niche as a performer!