Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Treasure of My Catholic Faith

The Treasure of My Catholic Faith is a consumable workbook available for Grades 1 through 6. The 4th grade book focuses on the life of Jesus with chapters on His birth, infancy, teachings, miracles, friends (ie: Martha, Mary, Zaccheus), the Last Supper, His Passion and Resurrection. Each chapter has four lessons ranging in length from six to ten pages. The workbook is done in full color with hand drawn illustrations and photographs - both are appealing to the intended audience.

Each lesson begins with a "Remember" (what the student already knows) and a "Now you're going to find out" (the objective of that lesson) followed by a Gospel reading. I was unable to find a reference to the translation used for the Gospel readings but they don't sound like a children's version (which is a positive in my opinion especially at the 4th grade level).
There are then numerous activities related to the lesson - fill in the blanks, questions that require complete sentences for answers, multiple choice answers, word searches, etc. I found the majority of them to be meaningful and not just activities to take up class time. For instance, one fill in the blank activity was completing the Magnificat - a prayer that is not commonly taught while another was underlining the correct meaning of Scripture passages such as "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord."
Each lesson concludes with a summary of "Don't forget" and "Knowing my faith" which reiterates key points of the lesson. It then ends with suggestions to the student for "Living my faith" or asks them how they can live out their faith.

I can't see this series being used in a weekly Religious Education program as there is far more here than can be covered in an hour long class. I think it would work better in a Catholic school or homeschool setting. I wish I could have reviewed the Teacher's Edition at the same time to see what else is available to further enhance this program. My son is enjoying this book and I'm finding it's solid Catholicism and easy to correct even without the TE.

You can purchase this book here.

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