Monday, April 26, 2010

ACT Scores are in!!! (again)

The ACT scores are in and James scored a 32!!
Love that the overall score went UP!!
This places him in the 99th percentile.

Here are his subtest scores:
English      34      99th percentile
Math        34      99th percentile
Reading   30       91st percentile
Science   29        95the percentile

James will be eligible for the Founder's Scholarship at Auburn which covers full-tuition. He'll probably be able to have out-of-state fees waived at MSU as well as the Freshman Academic Excellence scholarship (I really do need to call them). He'll also be able to compete for the Distinguished Scholarship and/or Engineering Excellence Scholarship. Congrats James!!!!


Janette said...

Fantastic news! You must be spot on as a homeschool teacher!

Renee said...

THanks Janette. If I were the 'good' homeschool teacher I would have forced him to study/practice multiple times a week for months