Wednesday, April 7, 2010

College Visit with James

Back in September, Scott took James to visit Alabama and MS State - I was unable to go as someone had to stay home with the other three. James didn't care for Alabama but really liked MS State. On our way to Disney in early December, we took a ten minute detour to see if James even liked the look of Auburn - he did so we made a note to visit the campus at a later date.

We drove to Auburn on Sunday afternoon (after eating our tasty Easter dinner) which was planned since Madeleine was home from college and able to keep an eye on the other three kids. On Monday morning we went to War Eagle Day. Auburn is a very nice campus despite being large - instead of feeling like a large campus it feels like a small town. James would probably be a part of the Honors College and/or an Engineering Learning Community. There are lots of activities in which to get involved - no big surprise from a large school and a great way to make money is to buy season football tickets and then sell them for a profit. James has ranked Auburn as his number 2 school behind MS State.

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