Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love Mercy by Lisa Samson and Ty Samson

Have you ever started a book and felt compelled to finish it despite having other things to do? That is exactly what happened with Love Mercy - A Mother and Daughter's Journey from the American Dream to the Kingdom of God

I was ready to do my 30 obligatory minutes on the treadmill and picked up Love Mercy because it was the next book in my read/review basket. When I initially requested the book I didn't realize it was non-fiction; I just knew that I loved Lisa Samson's writing. I got so caught up in the book, that I lost track of time and ended up walking 40 minutes on the treadmill - that hasn't happened in the four months I've been walking & reading on the treadmill.

Lisa Samson and her daughter Ty share their innermost feelings about the time leading up to their mission trip to Swaziland, their time there and then back in the States. Theirs is a story of faith, courage and stepping outside the comforts of modern suburbia to be the hands and feet of God.

Love Mercy caused me to think about my life, my volunteering (very much within my comfort zone) and my part as a Christian in this world created by our Father. We are called to do so much more than serve within the whitewashed walls of our parish but do we (or I) have the courage and faith to do more even within our own communities?

A few quotes that really struck me:

pg 60 "When we start picking and choosing who deserves our help, the more we get to know people, the less deserving they'll be and -- God help us --- the more prideful we'll become.

pg 186 It's about the God who gives us the courage to do what we never thought we could.....It's about you, me, all of us, loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Who is my neighbor? I'll let you be the judge of that.

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Love Mercy was provided to me as part of the Blog Spot Tour. I received no other compensation for my honest review.


Michelle said...

Good review.
I gave it three stars.
I do like Lisa's fiction better.
My review is up if you'd like to see it.

Jen said...

I need to check this one out too! Thanks :)

Robert said...


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