Saturday, April 10, 2010


Search & Win

I just have to tell y'all about SwagBucks because I have earned $25 in gift certificates in just over a month.

You need to join by clicking HERE and then install the Swagbucks toolbar.

Here is how I earn Swagbucks dailys:

1. I sign into the toolbar each morning earning 1 swagbuck.

2. I go to the Swagbucks main page , go to the left hand column Quick Links, click on Special Offers, and then click on GO NOW under "View Our No Obligation Offers And WIN Swag Bucks". This wins me another 1 swagbuck.

3. Daily poll - look in the left side bar of the main page. Answer the question and earn 1 swagbuck daily.

4. Trusted Surveys - look in the left side bar of the main page. Click and earn 1 swagbuck daily.

5. Trusted Surveys - 5a) answer surveys to earn swagbucks
                                5b) answer profiles to earn swagbucks

6. Back to the Swagbucks main page, about half way down in the center are Special Offers. I view videos daily (Olay, Bing, etc). Be sure to read instructions because some require you to click on the banner as well as watch the video. Again earning about 2-4 per video daily. The other day one of the offers was to become a fan of a FB page and play the game for a few minutes - easy way to earn Swagbucks

7. I use the Swagbucks search engine. Most days I earn Swagbucks on three searches earning me 30 or more swagbucks.

8. I bookmarked my swidget so I'll know when a code is out there. I'm getting better at figuring out and finding codes. There is usually one daily but they are limited by time or numbers available.

9. Lastly, I invite friends to join... Why? Well so you can earn but also so I can earn. I earn swagbucks when my referrals search and win.

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