Monday, April 12, 2010

Take Five

Take Five: Meditations with Pope Benedict XVI is a wonderful small book to keep handy when one has five minutes (or more) available for quiet reflection. The book is great to keep in the bathroom, on your night table, in your purse or even in your back pocket (it fits perfectly).

Mike Aquilina and Father Kris Stubna have compiled excerpts from writings and addresses by Pope Benedict XVI into a handy volume for personal prayer. Each meditation (72 in all) begins with an excerpt from a variety of sources (ie: Prayer Vigil with Young People in Italy, Homily in Montorso, Italy, Deus Caritas Est, etc) followed by three other sections - Think About It (questions or thoughts to ponder), Just Imagine (related passage from Scripture) and Remember (a brief line or two to pray throughout the day). In addition, there is a brief introduction with a recommendation of how to use the book and a dozen pages about the life and spirit of Pope Benedict XVI. If one wants to look for a meditation on a particular topic, there is even an index in the back.

This book has been perfect for this harried homeschooling mom of four students. I carry it in my purse and do find time most days to read and reflect upon the wisdom of the Holy Father. Each meditation has given me something upon which to pray, think and ponder. The latest one I read was about driving safely - yes,the Pope did speak about driving during an Angelus Address in 2008. The Think About It section reminded readers to not drive aggressively or carelessly, to not let oneself get distracted and a reminder that time in the car can be used for prayer. The Remember line is one we should all post in our vehicles - "Driving is a responsibility that requires patience, understanding, and tolerance of others.

I think Take Five would make a great gift for Confirmation, RCIA, high school graduation, etc - it's easily accessible for both adults and teens.

You can purchase this book here.

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