Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Abigail's Confirmation

     Last night Bishop Baker visited from Birmingham to confirm over 100 students and adults at St John the Baptist Catholic Church. Despite the large numbers, Bishop Baker made it a special Sacrament for each and every one and didn't turn it into a racing assembly line. I was most impressed as I went in thinking I would not like Confirmation with such a large group.

 Here is Abigail Anne Gardiner as she waits in the church hall prior to Confirmation.

 Here is Abigail Anne Agnes Gardiner with big sister Madeleine (who stood in for Abigail's sponsor Jonie - she's very pregnant and lives in IL).

 And here is Abigail with her gift - a bracelet of the Fruits of the Spirit. She also received a Matt Maher CD and St Genesius statue from her sponsor and a pretty pink wallet from big sister.


Paula said...

Abigail looks beautiful and happy.

MJ FIRST Wild Card Assistant Director said...

Such wonderful moments of life!

Thanks for being a part of FIRST. :)

kkollwitz said...

Small world- Bishop Baker confirmed my kids here in S.C.

Sweetums5 said...


Happy Pentecost! How wonderful to know that the Bishop had the strength and patience to make the sacrament very special for each Confirmandi. Congratulations to Abigail! What a blessing to have been confirmed by such a wonderful man of God.