Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

On Saturday I took Abigail and Theresa to auditions for Sleeping Beauty along with 53 others. Theresa didn't get a callback but Abigail did. Abigail was asked to stay and read for  Daffodil (a ditzy fairy) as well as Callista (Sleeping Beauty.

On Sunday 52 more people auditioned. When all was said and done, Abigail read multiple more times for Callista during callbacks but not for Daffodil. I thought Abigail had the sweet innocence of a princess that has been protected by her parents for the past 15 years (hmmmm, maybe that's her reality :) . Now we sit and wait which is something I'm not good at....they could start calling as early as today or maybe not until mid-next week. Sigh....I hate waiting. Abigail wants desperately to be Callista so she can be the princess that all the little girls love - Abigail is sooooo good with little kids.

The phone call came about 1/2 hour ago - Abigail was offered the role of Sleeping Beauty. She is so excited. Theresa is disappointed that she doesn't have a role there were only about two roles for young girls in this show.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Sweet for Abigail. Sad for Theresa.

Renee said...
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