Monday, June 14, 2010

Abigail's Latest Article - Driving Takes Time to Master

The Huntsville Times changed what is and isn't online and alas the HT Teen articles are not :( So here is what is in today's newspaper on page C1

If you click on the article, it should get bigger for easier reading.


evanscove said...

I understand exactly how you feel! When I finally got my learner's permit and started driving, I found it much harder than I thought it would. And you're right about the police. What's up with them and their wild driving? Of all people, they should be the least likely to break the law.

But I'm glad to hear you're so conscientious and careful! Don't worry--driving will eventually become second nature to you.


Lindsay said...

I can sympathize! I've had my license for years now, but I still tense up when I spot a police car. It's not that I'm worried I'll do something wrong and get caught; I'm worried that they'll do whatever they want, as usual, and I'll get blamed for it!