Saturday, June 26, 2010

the 'first' week of summer

This week was in some ways busier than last week but in other ways not.  We went to 7am Mass on Sunday followed by breakfast at Hardees before Scott flew to Colorado for an exercise in mass world destruction (okay really I  have no idea what a contract attorney does at a military exercise). That afternoon Madeleine and I worked the box office for Renaissance Theatre's production of Wedding Belles. It was a great show and once again Molly did a fantastic job.

Monday (the first official day of summer) John started a week long Cub Scout day camp - it was also a week of temps in the high 90s with heat index even higher. The one bad thing about camp - no swimming pool. I volunteered in Fantasy Playhouse's office - I enjoyed learning Enitza's system for season tickets; it makes sense. And then that night Abigail had a Sound of Music rehearsal.

Tuesday was my regular shopping day where I get a hug and a joke from Martha. She's a little ole lady that I started smiling at and greeting each week; eventually we introduced ourselves. She is just the sweetest and reminds me of my grandmother.  I was proud of John on Wednesday; after 7 hours of camp he still had enough energy for 2 hours of gymnastics practice - he must really like it.  I also went to Fantasy to continue helping with the season brochures - 4700 is a lot to get ready for mailing.

Thursday after dropping John off at camp, eight homeschool moms met for breakfast at Shoneys; it's always nice to get together in a relaxed atmosphere. That night it was off to Sound of Music rehearsal. Mike is a visual director so he places his actors on stage, tries it out, rearranges, tries again and again until he likes what he sees. There was a couple missing for a party scene so Mike turns to me and says Renee, could you please go up with D (a tech crew member) and fill in. We danced a few times and then D had to leave for a meeting at church. I then graduated to an 18 yo husband named Michael (also tech crew) and we danced and reacted and exited and did it over and over. It was fun to be on stage again even if there was no audience. Of course if I had known I'd be waltzing, I would have worn my dancing shoes.

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